2019 Summer English Writing Class Material

I will be posting the material for the class I am teaching at the Giving Tree Community Children's Center (아낌없이주는나무지역아동센터) here. Please feel free to use/alter the material for your own purposes, but be aware that I put them together rather hastily.  Syllabus Beginning Survey 2019/07/22 Class 1 Quiz In-Class Material Homework 2019/08/05 Class 2 Quiz In-Class Material Homework 2019/08/07 Class 3 Quiz In-Class Material Homework

2017 General Chemistry 1 Lab Practice Exam (Version 2)

Here's the exam I wrote for CHEM 1114 in the spring of 2017. It's still a bit more difficult than the actual lab exam, but it should be good practice. Google drive access to 2017 practice exam Addendum 2018/11/09: I have updated the exam for the Fall of 2018.

Fun Advertising

Here's a collection of some of my favorite advertisements for instruments. I have no idea if these improved sales, but they made me chuckle. Agilent.  Agilent has a continuing series of advertisements, and they're awkward enough to be a good laugh. Analtech. Not the best name for a chromatography company, and they know it. Thermo. The dubstep is a nice touch, and it makes mass spectrometry sound really hardcore for some reason.

Fellowships for international students in atmospheric chemistry

This is a list of graduate fellowships and scholarships I found that accepts international students. Most federal agencies do not sponsor foreign nationals. I've also included some internal fellowships offered at CU Boulder since that's where I am. Google drive access to doc

MDPI's Atmosphere & KMS's 대기: Journals with the same name

I've found something troubling while reading the literature: two journals with the same name. MDPI publishes Atmosphere , which started in 2010, and the Korean Meteorological Society (KMS) publishes  대기 , which translates to the same name. The KMS's journal started in 1991, but it publishes content primarily written in Korean. The interesting part is that MDPI's Atmosphere has received an impact factor from Thomson Reuters, while the KMS's  대기 has not. I still suggest that someone change their journal's name so that readers are not confused. For the moment, Korea Science , a reference website that lists journals published in Korea, translates  대기 to Atmosphere. Personally, I suggest that MDPI does so, since the KMS has been publishing under that name for nearly two decades before MDPI started Atmosphere . Or, possibly, the KMS could translate their journal's English title to something else, although I can't think of what that could be. * On a s

2016 General Chemistry 1 Lab Practice Exam (Version 1)

Titles says it all. This is a practice lab exam I wrote while TAing Gen Chem 1 (CHEM 1114) at CU Boulder during the spring of 2016. I'm leaving it here so that future students may find it useful (or not). It was much more difficult than the actual exam, so be wary of that. Google drive access to 2016 practice exam Addendum 2017/04/24: Please do not study using this exam; it contains factual errors. Addendum 2018/11/16: I have addressed the errors in the exam.

Inspirational science stuff

As the (almost) first post for this site, I want to start with feel good vibes. I'll collect inspirational science stuff here as I come across them. 2016/03/23 I recently came across a brief essay by Martin Schwartz [1] as a part of a reading for class. The essay makes me feel a bit better about being stupid, and I suggest you check it for yourself. Favorite bit: "Focusing on important questions puts us in the awkward position of being ignorant. One of the beautiful things about science is that it allows us to bumble along, getting it wrong time after time, and feel perfectly fine as long as we learn something each time." 2019/07/16 This is my favorite grook by Piet Hein [2], although I was not able to find an original source for it. "The road to wisdom? - Well, it's plain  and simple to express:        Err        and err        and err again        but less        and less        and less." References [1] Schwartz, M. A. The importance o