MDPI's Atmosphere & KMS's 대기: Journals with the same name

I've found something troubling while reading the literature: two journals with the same name. MDPI publishes Atmosphere, which started in 2010, and the Korean Meteorological Society (KMS) publishes 대기, which translates to the same name. The KMS's journal started in 1991, but it publishes content primarily written in Korean.

The interesting part is that MDPI's Atmosphere has received an impact factor from Thomson Reuters, while the KMS's 대기 has not. I still suggest that someone change their journal's name so that readers are not confused. For the moment, Korea Science, a reference website that lists journals published in Korea, translates 대기 to Atmosphere.

Personally, I suggest that MDPI does so, since the KMS has been publishing under that name for nearly two decades before MDPI started Atmosphere. Or, possibly, the KMS could translate their journal's English title to something else, although I can't think of what that could be.

* On a side note, MDPI was suspected of being a predatory publisher [1]. 

Addendum 2016/09/13: I realized that the publishers could use their names in the titles of the journals, e.g. KMS Atmosphere and MDPI Atmosphere.

Addendum 2019/07/19: Jeffrey Beall's website is not accessible, and so the link in the reference is dead. However, there is an archived version. Last access: 2019/07/19.


[1] Beall, J. Chinese Publisher MDPI Added to List of Questionable Publishers, Scholarly Open Access, 2014. Last Access: 2016/04/30.

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